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The voice inside me has changed a lot through my lifetime. I remember my “voice” was always so serious and I would get worried so my voice would chose the passive decision. My voice right now is the one I best like its more open and free. It felt like I was in a shell but now it feels like I broke through. I think your inner voice changes a lot throughout your life, you become more knowledgeable about life, people, everything so you begin to see what path is best for you. That is what so good about your voice it changes and it makes you the human you are.


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  1. lauren 7 months ago

    Gabe, I enjoyed reading your post. Like the others who commented above me, I have never thought of an inner voice. I like when you said that once our inner voice changes, other things in our lives are illuminated. I completely agree with this idea. I am happy to hear that you feel more comfortable with your inner voice. Its kind of like the idea of a conscience in a less religious sense. Here is a cool article I found! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Christopher 7 months ago

    Hey Gabe, I really enjoy reading your post. I believe our voices is one of the most powerful tool that we have. Our voice can help people, or it could hurt people. Our voice allows us to communicate to people, and allows us to say our thoughts. I like how you state that our voice is so good and makes us who we are because this is very true. Our inner voices always changes as we learn more and have more experience with life. Our inner voice could also change depending on our mood and emotions. I found an interesting article that you may want to read which talks about listening to our inner voice ( Anyways, I hope you have a good day, take care.

  3. Casey 7 months ago

    Your post is very interesting and I am so happy that you have found your inner voice. I like how you describe your breakthrough with finding your inner voice, most people havent found that and by you doing so, it probably has lifted a huge burden off your chest of finding who you are. Thank you so much for sharing your story here.

  4. Cheryl 7 months ago

    Gabe, your post is so interesting! I’ve never thought of the idea of an inner voice or even what mine is. It’s really cool that you can identify that and share it with youthvoices. I think you’re right about finding your inner voice is much easier as you grow. You go through so many experiences in your life that make you the person you are meant to become. You have to truly know yourself to be able to identify what your voice will be. Thanks for sharing this!

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