Cats can be so smart. It was a cold, winter day. It was after school and I was walking up the stairs of my mom’s house on the way to my bedroom. Everything was normal, until I turned the corner at the top of the stairs. I saw my electric blanket on the floor in the hall outside my bedroom door, still plugged into the wall with its wire stretched as far as it could go. I knew exactly who did it: Batman. My cat Batman. He’s the only one who drags my stuff out of my bedroom when I’m gone. Why does he sometimes do that when I’m not around? What goes through his mind while he’s doing it? Is it because he misses me? Is it for some other reason and he just only does it when I’m gone because he knows I’ll get mad at him if I see him doing it? Whatever the reason, I was in shock for several seconds.

After my hallucination, I wanted to take a picture of the glob-of-a-blanket, but I barely had any memory left on my phone. As soon as I went to place the blanket back on my bed, Batman came into my room from behind me. He instantly meowed and rubbed the side of his face on my leg. It gave me confidence that he dragged my blanket because he missed me and not for some other, less astonishing reason. My cat is so unique for doing that. I don’t know of any other pets that do such a thing when their owners are not present. Not even my other cat, Princess, who’s from the same litter, moves my stuff when I’m at school. Batman really is a special animal and it’s important people know this because many of the criticism people have about cats, whether it be that they’re not smart or that they don’t really love their owner(s), do not apply to my cat; he consistently proves to me he’s better than that.


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  1. Ellie 12 months ago

    this was truly an incredible post and I enjoyed reading every part of it. Batman sounds so sweet and awesome! Anyway, I also have a cat, and I am almost a hundred percent positive that she is smarter and much more intelligent than any other member of my family. She does the kind of stuff that you mentioned in your post all the time. Well done!

  2. Tess 12 months ago

    Brandon, I love your post. Cats are very inquisitive animals and it’s so sad that they get such a bad reputation sometimes. I have a cat as well and he always drags blankets around the house, and I’ve always wondered why. I think your post really gives me an answer. I also really liked how you took me through your thoughts and vividly described the scenario. I was able to perfectly picture the scene. Here is an article that talks about the loyalty of cats, I think it’s very fascinating.
    Thanks for sharing,

  3. Mary 12 months ago

    Hi Brandon, your post was very entertaining to read! I can really see how much you love your cat and I admire that. I believe that domesticated pets do have emotions towards their human owners which is astounding because there must be a similarity in humans’ and pets’ brains. This reminds me of the dog in Japan who waited for his owner at a train station every day for years after the owner had died. Pets and humans have a loving connection that sometimes is more powerful than human to human connection. I look forward to your next posts!

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