Posted by Katie on February 28, 2018

The Boy with the Teddy Bear

Once, there was a little boy named Nova from Indiana who loved to play. He liked Legos, building, and a silly striped hat that he wore every day. He also loved building blanket forts and playing with Baby Brother. The thing he loved the most, though, was his stuffed bear.


The bear was small and brown, with very little stuffing inside of it. Nova named his prized toy “Bear,” as Nova was not very creative when it came to names. There wasn’t a place in the world that he wouldn’t take Bear. They went to France with their family, to Maine, and to daycare. One day, Mama and Daddy sat down Nova and Baby Brother and said they had to talk to them.


“We’re moving to a place called Florida,” Mama said. “It’s very nice and warm down there. There are lots of sandy beaches to play in, ice cream to eat, and friends for you boys to make. Doesn’t that sound like fun?”

Nova and Baby Brother nodded eagerly. Nova lifted up Bear and showed Mama.


“Mama, can I take Bear?” Nova asked.


“Of course you can, my darling,” Mama replied.

Nova hugged Bear and Mama as tightly as he could. He jumped down and ran off to start packing his toys.


A couple of days later, the moving truck came for Nova’s stuff to take it to their new house in Florida. Mama and Daddy told Nova that he could take one toy in the car, so Nova held on to Bear, because there was no other toy he loved more than Bear.


Mama, Daddy, Baby Brother, Nova, and Bear all piled into their little yellow car. They started on their long trip down to Florida. They made many stops on the way. They stopped at a petting zoo, where Nova and Bear got to pet baby goats. The next stop was at an ice cream shop. Mama got chocolate, Daddy got mint, Baby Brother got vanilla, and Nova and Bear got rocky road. Their third stop was in a big forest. Nova and Bear climbed high in the trees, but Baby Brother wasn’t big enough yet, which made him cry. Nova decided to let Baby Brother play with Bear while he climbed. This made Baby Brother very happy.


Their final stop was at the ocean, which meant they were getting close to their new house. Baby Brother and Nova swam in the ocean and built sandcastles, always dragging Bear along with them. They buried Bearand made him look like a mermaid in the sand. Finally, it was time to go home.


They got home soon after, and their house was very white. The furniture, stairs, and floors were all white. Nova got out with Bear and went to run into the house, but Daddy stopped him.


“Nova, can I have Bear?” Daddy asked. Nova frowned.


“Why?” he asked. He stuck his lower lip out.


“Bear is too dirty for the new house. He has sap, sand, ice cream, and dirt all over him. I’ll just wash him quickly.”


Daddy reached out to Nova, who slowly have Bear to Daddy. Nova and Baby Brother went in and tried to play, but Nova was too sad. He missed Bear. He just sat on the ground by himself the rest of the afternoon while Baby Brother ran around exploring.


That night, Daddy was tucking Nova into bed when Mama came in. She was holding Bear! Nova jumped up and whisked Bear away and into a hug.


“Thank you, Mama! Thank you, Daddy!” Nova cried.


“Of course, my darling,” Mama and Daddy replied. They finished tucking Nova and Bear into bed, and Nova fell asleep thinking about all the adventures he and Bear would have in Florida.