With the past wildfire season of California we can see an increase in number of fires and the intensity at which they burn. With the increase of fires, there is also an increase in danger to people living in fire prone environments. With people at risk of being effected by wildfires we should help find a solution to this problem. “Warmer, drier and windier weather promotes wildfires, and these are all conditions that will result from climate change,.” The data doesn’t lie we have seen higher temperatures then we have seen in the past which also correlates with the increase of wildfires. With the increase of fires there are more opportunities for people to get injured or lose everything to the blaze. The blazes are hard to control, and they can get out of hand easily causing runaway fire California alone has seen in increase of 114 runaway fires yearly. the Scientists believe that “This increase of 114 runaway fires yearly will kill more people, destroy more property and wildlife habitat, worsen air and water quality, cause floods and mudslides on destabilized hillsides and drive up the costs of fire fighting and insurance.”
Not only is this effecting the environment and the geography of California but also they have a immense impact on the finances of California. “California already spends more than $250 million annually and any increase in expenditures would be “substantial.” California, that is a pretty wealthy state, has it easier than those states with less wealth making runaway fires more dangerous in these less wealthy states. The states will have to increase taxes to help with the rebuilding of parts effected by the wildfires but also to help fight future fires. Warmer temperatures are also expected to lead to greater bark beetle infestation in western forests. Beetle infestation is blamed for an increase of fires, but healthy trees can fight of these pests but with drought the trees can’t fight them off causing dead trees.
“As the continent warms, North America will experience “an earlier start to the fire season, and significant increases in the area experiencing high to extreme fire danger.” The warming of North America is due to global warming an example of this is “Alaska’s mean temperature has risen by 5 degrees in summer and 10 degrees in winter” this a main reason for the increase of beetles. Even though these beetles do have an effect on trees making them easier to create wildfires the warmer temperatures and drought caused by climate change are helping the population of the beetles grow. I believe that we need to help come up with a solution to this problem so that we can have a safer planet to live on and keep the natural beauty that the earth produces.



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  1. Annie 3 years ago

    This is a very thought-provoking topic. I liked how you brought in different aspects of what could be contributing to the wildfires and showed how each of them are worsened by climate change, such as the beetles and California’s infamous drought. Also, like you mentioned, California has one of the highest state taxes, and lots of taxpayer money is being used to fight these intense fires that could be used elsewhere, such as towards improving education or poverty. Clearly these fires are detrimental to California in ways we cannot see, and it would be interesting to see your take on these other elements. I found this article discussing how drought, paired with high temperatures brought about by humans (which ties into your argument about climate change), worsened the fires: https://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/western-wildfires/drought-heat-worsened-humans-help-fuel-california-fires-n809571
    Nice work!

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