There are many sources confirming that alcohol is worse for you than marijuana. A big reason why people think marijuana is not bad is because it has never caused an overdose death. The federal government has a scheduling system that ranks drugs on how bad they are for you. Marijuana is known as a schedule one drug. However, they do not count alcohol and tobacco as a drug. If they were categorized as drugs they would also be schedule one. A study was conducted in the UK on 20 drugs and they found that alcohol was at the top of the rankings, leaving hallucinogens last. In the article The risks of alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs, explained they say “alcohol is one of the three deadliest drugs in America”.

A factor many don’t take into consideration is that alcohol, tobacco, and prescription painkillers and legal. This makes it hard to compare them to illegal drugs, and easier for people to get. Different drugs can have short term or long term effects, but not knowing the measure of substance’s harm makes it impossible to ultimately compare them. The statistics show that excessive drinking causes around 88,000 deaths per year. Using alcohol can cause organ damage, mainly to the liver. Some even claim that alcohol is toxic. It depresses your central nervous system which means you are capable of going unconscious, going into a come, or die. Why wouldn’t alcohol be illegal if causes so much harm to people and their bodies?

Alcohol is also more likely to cause problems with the medications you might be taking. Most don’t think the two would collide, but they can have a really strong impact on a person. Alcohol is broken down and metabolized the same way other drugs can be. Therefore your body can either increase or decrease the activity of the drug in the body.

The mix of marijuana and alcohol together can lead to an overuse of both substances. There can be side effects of using alcohol before marijuana, like severe illness. Using marijuana and then using alcohol can actually lead to death. This is because it is easier to drink excessively and risk alcohol poisoning which can lead to death. Usually when people drink alcohol, they vomit to get rid of the toxins. On the other hand, marijuana prevents vomiting. Sometimes the body can’t get rid of toxins, or it is possible to choke on the vomit that is produced. Mixing the two substances is not a good idea.

Tobacco is known as the deadliest substance in America. It has the worst effects on your body compared to marijuana and alcohol. It is the leading cause of lung cancer, gives you a better chance of having a heart attack or stroke, increases the risk of diabetes, kidney diseases, and many more medical problems. The nicotine that is found in tobacco is extremely addictive and can be very hard to quit. A recent study found that it kills about 60,000 people per year.

The question becomes what is the worst for you? Alcohol and tobacco result in thousands of death every year, yet marijuana doesn’t kill you. The difference between marijuana versus alcohol and tobacco is that it can stunt your mental growth; alcohol and tobacco have a terrible effect on your body and cause many problems. The only problems marijuana has caused have been increased heart rate and blood pressure during the time of use. All three seem to be bad choices, but what would you say is the worse?


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