We live in a world full of negativity

It’s hard to find real people

People that are there for you and actually want to see you succeed


That’s why I’m supportive as hell


I know what it is like to be alone,

To feel scare,

To be blind,

To have no one

To lose motivation…

I know what it’s like to lose yourself


That’s why I’m supportive as hell


We go through so much these days

It’s hard to live in this generation

To find love & support from people

I know what it’s like to have everything yet nothing at the same time


That’s why I’m supportive as hell


I know what it’s like to go through obstacles

Challenges that tear you apart

Having everyone around yet not having someone to vent to

Losing motivation

Not wanting to do anything anymore


That’s why I’m supportive as hell


I don’t want no one feeling alone

I listen to people

I give them advice

I push them to do better

To be strong


That’s why I’m supportive as hell


I know how it feels

I have been through a lot

I have been broken

But I’m still here

& while I’m around I will always be supportive as hell because everyone deserves to have someone they can trust and talk to


CC BY-SA 4.0 “Why I’m Supportive As Hell” by Jennifer is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  1. Angeles 2 years ago

    Dear Jenns,
    I love this poem. Sometimes I’m scared and I think to myself “Do I really have friends”? It’s hard to find people who want you to succeed because this world is so cruel but I’m glad that you keep that positive attitude and decide to helps others face things that have happened to you.

  2. Khlood 2 years ago

    Dear jenny
    love your poem. Not gonna lie you actually got me seeing the real world and seeing the society we live in so much clearer. I love how supportive you are as well. keep writing loved this poem and hope to see more.

  3. Aida 2 years ago

    Dear Jennifer,
    I am showing love while reading this poem because you told us a story of why you do this. I mean you tell us the reason why you are very supportive. I really liked how you explained yourself. I hope to read more, this is really great!!

  4. Yadira 2 years ago

    Dear Jennifer,
    I love your poem it had a lot of emotions. It actually describes you, even though I known you for a while I never thought you were the supportive kind. I always believed that you were kind and smart. It might have been hard on you when no one was there for you. I feel you. But I would be the opposite from you. I liked the part of “I don’t want no one feeling alone, I listen to people, I give them advice, I push them to do better, To be strong.” It brings strength to me when you said it. It gave me hope that I can count on you when I need help. Your poem reminds me of when I was little and I would people. I would like to see more pieces of your writing and thank you for writing this piece. Write more it shows your emotions

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