Author: Yadira

Why I’m Exhausted as Hell

Why I’m exhausted as hell …


Cystic Fibrosis.


It takes the part of my life.


I wake up to the sound of my alarm.

Nothing unusual for a teen.

But the difference is that they wake up 1 hour before school starts.

I wake up 3-4 hours before school starts.



That is true but that is the only beginning…


The phone rings in the classroom.  It’s the clinic.  

I walk over there knowing what to do.

Eat lunch.

Start treatment, then go to back to class

Knowing that I didn’t get to socialize or rest.


The sound of vibration annoying my thoughts.

The air pushing out of the machine bothering my brain.

The pressure of the vest squeezing me like an anaconda

And the shaking of the vest makes me feel like an earthquake.

This is my life: a very noisy one


Why am I exhausted as hell?


There is no time for sleep.

No time to do homework.

No time to enjoy life.


Just the sounds that fill my ears.


The next day the same old routine.

This is why I’m exhausted as hell.