I’m Chill

Well when I want to be

Whenever people don’t get on my nerves

Of course

People love to annoy others

They talk too much

Also are very loud

I lose my chill quick

Very quick

One minute I can be good

The other

I can be very

bothered, annoyed

And mad

When I’m not in chill mode

I give bad vibes

To everyone

Doesn’t matter who it is

I don’t like to talk to nobody

Everyone needs to just



CC BY-SA 4.0 Why I’m Chill As Hell by Luis is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  1. Yaqui 11 months ago

    This is very strong and clear to the point. I like how your poem sound like you even though you aren’t reading it out loud but the way you wrote it sound exactly like you. I have known u for our 4 years in high school and you have always been the chillest and laidback person. Good job!

  2. Kevin 11 months ago

    This is a good poem because It explains how being chill can be better than being annoying. Also, chill is similar to what I wrote about so I can connect to this poem as well.

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