Growing up in a dishonest family

caused me to be honest


“I do it to keep you from hurting”

Little do you know you’ve hurt me

10 times more than you should have




The truth may hurt

yet a lie hurts more


Let’s be honest

“You’d rather hear a lie

than be hurt by the truth”


I grew up learning to lie

And, I grew out of it




I come from a broken family

Full of broken promises


But I am not broken

I will not break promises




I will speak my truth even if it hurts

I will tell my story even if it hurts


I am honest for those who are not




CC BY-SA 4.0 Why I am honest as hell by Xochitl is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. Rosario 8 months ago

    Dear Xochitl, First of all I like the format of your poem. I think it looks pretty cool how you just write the word honestly but keep on with the story. Honestly this is a pretty good and creative poem, ha see what I did there lol.

  2. Guadalupe 8 months ago

    Dear Xochitl, I am very proud that you shared out your ideas in your memoir and that it was based on dishonesty within your family.

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