Why am i mad as hell

Cause i hate everyone

Everyone gets me mad

The irritate me which gets me mad

They talk too much

There too loud  

They make stupid jokes

I hate my self which make me mad

I’m too loud

I make stupid jokes

I talk to much

I get myself mad

Ii mad because i hate and

Life hates me

I hate school

School ets me mad

i mad at home

I’m mad at school

I’m mad in the streets

I’m mad at work

I’m mad at my life


  1. Treyvon 2 years ago

    I found this piece to be very passionate and get the message across in a very vivid manner. I believe that there is a lot that you are going through and I am sincerely sorry. There is struggle and strife that we all encounter and it is hard to share emotions like this publicly. Thank you for expressing your feelings through an artistic way. Great job.

  2. Annie 2 years ago

    These feelings are raw, and your poem reflects that your poem cuts deep. I think writing, at least for me, is a soothing outlet for feelings like this, and from what I can see, when you let it out, you let it out really well. This is beautiful and powerful and harsh. It can make the reader sweat and swear and that is the point of all writing: to make the reader and writer feel something. This is so powerful, and I think I can sense that so are you.

  3. Eva 2 years ago

    Pedro – Those are a lot of intense feelings that you’re sorting through. I’m sorry. That has to be hard. I hope that you are able to move beyond “mad” one day, or turn your anger into motivation to do something super powerful (because you are capable of that). Thank you for sharing your emotions and thoughts!

  4. Stephanie 2 years ago

    I think your piece is well written. You definitely get your message across.

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