Planned parenthood is in the media spotlight as “Republicans push to block funding for the group because it provides abortions for women.” (CNN). Planned Parenthood receives $500 million a year in funding from the government that ends up being 40% of Planned Parenthood’s total $1.3 billion in revenue for the year (NPR). Without this funding from the federal government the organization could be facing some financial trouble and struggle to keep providing the services it does.

The “public funds come from two programs: Medicaid, the health care program targeted at lower-income Americans, and Title X, a federal family planning program that likewise primarily serves lower-income Americans” (NPR). The way that planned parenthood receives their funding and how that money is used is in a way of reimbursements. Someone who has medicaid coverage can go to planned parenthood for preventative care. This client can receive the services they need taken care of, this could be them getting birth control, an std test, and a Pap smear, for little or no cost. The Planned Parenthood center then submits a claim to medicaid for the work they provided for the client currently on Medicaid. Medicaid’s job is then to reimburse Planned Parenthood for the services they provided to the client on Medicaid. The state Medicaid then sends a bill to the federal government for all of these reimbursements made across the state. Lastly, the federal government reimburses the state for the costs. It is important to note that the defunding of Planned Parenthood means that only the federal government would cut off the money that they reimburse to the states, so each individual state could continue to fund it even though it would be extremely costly.

The discussion to defund Planned Parenthood led by the Republicans is based on their beliefs on pro-life. Republicans views on abortionare rooted firmly in the belief that an unborn child, like any individual in this country, has an individual right to life that should not be infringed upon by others. The party adamantly believes that the rights guaranteed to all Americans in the Fourteenth Amendment apply to unborn children as well.” The way Republicans see it is if their tax money is going to fund abortions that happen through Planned Parenthood then they want their money to go somewhere else. The idea of abortion is against what they believe is moral and do not want their money going towards it. These people are skeptical of the need for government money when it receives private donations from various people and companies, for example Mark Zuckerberg donated $992 million in 2013. However, any money reimbursed from Title X cannot be used for abortions, but not the same goes for the money reimbursed from medicaid. Money reimbursed from medicaid can be used towards abortions, but in very restricted cases. The only time that medicaid money may be used towards abortion is in the case of rape, incest or to protect the life of the mother. This was established by the The 1977 Hyde Amendment.

Cutting funds will cut spending and “accomplish one Republican anti-abortion goal.” But it is important to note that the defunding of Planned Parenthood will only cut federal funds being received by the states, so states can choose to provide funding or not; states could still spend money to help those on Medicaid. In addition to the states continuing to provide funding, Planned Parenthood would also have to depend on private donations. Private donations are extremely important but may not always be enough money to do all that they are able to with the government funding. Private donations and any other forms of fundraising may keep Planned Parenthood running in the short run but it will not be enough to sustain it in the long run.



  1. PJ 3 years ago

    Ceceli, I think you did a good job with this post, objectively speaking. you stuck to the facts and addressed all the things PP does which many don’t realize. you also made it unbiased which is challenging to do especially with a heavy topic like this. this article, should help deepen your research on this. Personally i do think abortion is wrong but without it we would have more deaths from illegal abortions. I think we should cut funding slightly for other just as important organizations and PP should move their focus away from abortion and maybe give more attention to the other aspects that you brought up giving it a friendlier reputation. Cant wait to hear more from you.

  2. Simon 3 years ago

    Ceceli- this is a great topic to discuss because it is so prevalent in so many people’s lives. The thing I have noticed when discussing this issue with people is that it is not a logical or moral one. it seems to be an emotional one on both sides. I see pro life pro choice arguments come down to the most basic: that’s just how I feel and you’re not going to change my mind. So often this is what we need to counter in the world today is finding a way to appeal to the emotional side of people you disagree with rather than their logical side.
    Thanks, Simon

  3. Lindsay 3 years ago

    Cec- This is a great article, and I think you did a great job sticking to the facts. On such a controversial topic, it can be hard to look at actual evidence towards either side, or facts that don’t play into either argument. Your article did a great job informing the reader on the views of certain groups, and I also learned about how exactly money from taxes goes towards planned parenthood. I think it would be great to pair all of these facts with the opinions of a few experts in your research paper. Excited to read more from you!

  4. Annie 3 years ago

    I’m so happy you chose this topic, because it’s something that I think you feel very strongly about, and so do I and many other people. I’m also happy that you addressed the subject of private donations with regards to the funding of planned parenthood. It’s really hard to say whether these donations would be able to uphold such a large community that is trying so hard to help so many people, I wonder if any of your personal research via interviews and surveys could find any of that out? Also, I think it would be really beneficial to mention the other services that PP provides as a counterargument, so that it is clear that the idea of Republican’s “anti-abortion” views are completely absurd in this case, because PP isn’t just an abortion clinic. I love the topic!

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