Decriminalization is not the same as legalization. When something is decriminalized the distribution and sale of controlled substances is still a criminal offense in Portugal, but possession and use of drugs is handled as a public health problem and not criminal activity.  

Decriminalizing drugs has so many benefits and ones we can prove true do to watching Portugal over a decade after they decriminalize drugs we can see these different things as benefits of the decriminalization of all drugs: Substance abuse and addiction rates have been cut in half since decriminalization, addiction treatment and rehabilitation is less expensive than incarceration, Individuals with substance abuse problems are much more likely to find recovery in rehab than in jail, People completing treatment can become productive members of society much more easily than convicted felons, violence related to drug trafficking is greatly reduced, and the rebellious, countercultural essence of drug use is changed when society sees it as a disease and not a crime.



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