Author: Itzel

“Why I’m short as hell”

People say being small it’s good.

Being small isn’t good.

People don’t know that short people struggle to reach things.

Short people don’t like to be short.

People that are small would love to be tall.


People might say that short people are nice and adorable.

People might also say that short people are scared of tall people.  

Short people are brave as tall people.


People shouldn’t judge short people.

Short people are the same as tall people.


Short people shouldn’t feel bad of being short.

Short people should appreciate that they are small and they are capable to do things that tall people can’t do.


Short people can fit in places that tall people can’t fit.

Short people can fit in a small cars.

Short people can also walk in small places without bending down.

Short people have good balance than tall people.


Short people should realize that WE are lucky to be small and short that we can do things that other people can’t do.