Why I’m picky as hell


I wanted to get red vans …

… Or burgundy


Basically the same color, but …

I’m picky as hell

And i couldn’t decide.


Sitting in the vans store..

…In emeryville


Looking for new vans

i see a lot of vans that i wanted


I decide with the color red

…but i always wanted burgundy


They were almost the same color

Which made it harder to decide


i was so nervous

If i took home the red ones

..i was going to regret it


And if i took home the burgundy ones

..i was going to regret it too


At that point

i just sat there


The man who works there thought it was funny


And he himself called me a picky customer

Which was also funny to me..


i was at the vans store

For about an hour

…which is a long time for vans shoes

Because there are so many colors

And i could only pick one


So then i decided to buy both pairs

Because i knew i was going to get mad later on

In the day


i ended up but the red and burgundy

i was so happy..


but i was nervous of what my mom was going to say

When i got home



CC BY-SA 4.0 “Why I’m Picky as Hell” by Kadijah is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  1. Luz 1 year ago

    Dear Kadijah:

    I am astonished by your poem, “Why I’m Picky as Hell,” because this happens to so many people when they go shopping. It is something many people can relate to. One part of your poem that stands out to me is where you said you decided to take both home! This stood out to me because this quickly solved your problem, it was better for you to get both than just one pair. Another part that I found really interesting was when when the worker called you a picky customer. Your poem reminds me of something that happened to me once. One time I took my mom to go shoe shopping with me and I told her that I was only going to get one pair of shoes. While I was looking at the shoes I had found two pairs of shoes that I really liked. My mom suggested that it would be better if I ended up taking both of them because by the time we would get home I would really regret buying just one pair. So I ended up buying both shoes and up to this day I don’t regret buying both of them!

  2. Kelly 1 year ago

    I liked how at the end you took both colored shoes home. This has happened to me before but I wasn’t able to take both home. Great poem!

  3. Chloe 1 year ago

    I liked your story about how you had a difficult time deciding which color of vans to get. I think it has sort of an underlying message, whether it was intentional or not, that sometimes we make decisions and regret them later on. And your solution to this was to ‘buy both pair’ or try out each solution which I think is a good message!

  4. Lisseth 1 year ago

    Dear Kadijah,
    I like how you wrote about vans and how you basically told a little story but turned it into a poem. Keep writing, good job.

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