Why I’m Me As Hell


Im me as as hell because I couldn’t find a characteristics to describe me

That’s why I’m me as hell

Because I’m unique


Because I hold grudges

I don’t tolerate shit from anyone


I’m me as hell because I’m a “BITCH”

Always rude

Always mugging

Because I’m mean to everyone that I don’t care about


I’m me as hell because I’m loud

I can’t whisper

Whispering to me is talking loud


I’m me as hell because I’m nice

Only to the people I care about

I’m me as hell because I’m me

I am Lis

I’m me as hell because I’m independent

I don’t accept help from others

I only appreciate myself

Selfish maybe?

No just Me as hell


I’m me as hell because I don’t say sorry

Because I have no sympathy for anyone


I’m me as hell because I am Lis

Because I like being Lis



  1. Angeles 3 years ago

    Dear Lis,
    I love this poem because this was totally so you! This poem was very different, unique, and just nice. For some reason, this poem stood out to me from the others that I have read because you talk about yourself in a way that you don’t sound ashamed of yourself whatsoever which I love. I love how you talk about how independent you are because that represents a lot of us girls. If you can do it without anyone’s help, I can do it and any girl can.

  2. Andrea 3 years ago

    Dear Lis,
    While reading your poem many things stood out to me. I liked how your described the type of person you are, you described yourself in a very unique way. You clearly stated how you felt like no characteristic can really fit you and that was eye opening and important. By talking about how you are “Me as hell” really made a clear understanding of why you think that a characteristic can’t describe you. This poem really describes you in many ways. Loved it !

  3. Yahaira 3 years ago

    Dear Lis,

    I really like your memoir because you describe the many things you are. You are nice, rude, selfish, and many more, but overall you are you! One sentence you wrote that stands out to me is, “I’m me as hell because I am Lis. Because I like being Lis.” I like how you brought it the nickname you like, the name you actually like to go by. You are proud to represent your name in a unique way. I also like how you wrote a tiny explanation on who you’re mean and nice to because then people have an idea of who you are. Thanks for your memoir, I hope to see more of your work.

    -Yahaira C.

  4. Lisseth 3 years ago

    Dear Lis,
    I like your poem because its different from the other poems. I like how you decided to be unique with it and be straight up and talk about how your personality is. You were really honest in this poem and that really shows how you are.

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