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Why I’m Athletic As Hell



Why I’m Athletic As Hell

By: Kristofer Ramos


Having fun with friends

Time flying by

Making memories the more we play,

And improving the more we practice

Is why I’m athletic as hell

Giving it 110% at all time,

Although most people see it as a pastime

For me it’s more than that because,

The feeling of hitting that sublime pass is almost unforgettable,

Not only is something I love but it’s also a way to keep healthy

Even if you’re terrible there is hope

The space to learn is immense

No matter what sport you play

Everything won’t just come to you

Put in the work and the results will speak for themselves

People doubting you and telling you that you can’t do something,  

That’s part of the game

Being able to feed off that and succeed is what separates the great players from the bad players

As world famous soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo says,  “ Haters are my motivators”

This is why I am grateful to be able to play the sport I love and be in the conditions to do so

I will never take what I have for granted

I will make those that support me proud