Being vegetarian has been shown to have many great impacts on health and the environment, but most people still have many myths and misconceptions about not eating meat that may or may not keep them from considering a vegetarian diet. Here are some of them!https://www.foodnetwork.com/healthyeats/healthy-tips/2013/07/vegetarians-myths-vs-facts

  1. Vegetarian Food does not taste good: There is a common myth that without meat food will be bland and boring. This is just not true because getting/making tasty food what you make of it. You don’t have to live off bland salads because you don’t eat meat! There are so many vegetarian substitutes and options to pick from and find what you like. There are also countless vegetarian and vegan restaurants as well as regular restaurants that have vegetarian options. Many places offer classes in vegetarian cooking and there are countless ideas online to make delicious vegetarian food. There are many ways to make and have amazing food with or without meat.
  2. Eating Vegetarian is expensive: This much like cooking is up to you. Depending on where and how you shop eating vegetarian can actually save you money. This is because meat one of the more expensive items at the grocery and cutting it out will make room for buying the other foods you need. Buying frozen produce is also a much cheaper alternative to buying fresh.
  3. Eating Vegetarian means you won’t get enough protein:  The myth that it is not possible to get protein without animal products is just not true. Nearly all foods contain some amount of protein. Many whole grains, seeds, vegetables, and legumes have plenty of protein, such as tempeh, tofu, lentils, quinoa, almonds, kale and much more. Americans are currently getting much more protein than we need to survive and are large portions of meat are to blame. If somebody is eating plants loaded with protein and also getting at least the recommended amount of calories then there is a very slim chance that they will be protein deficient.
  4. Eating vegetarian means you will lose weight: Cutting out meat doesn’t ensure health or weight loss because one could easily replace meat with processed and refined foods that are unhealthy with or without meat. How each person eats is up to them. If somebody isn’t eating healthy foods they will not lose weight. If somebody is eating more calories than their body needs they will not lose weight despite whatever dietary choices are made. However losing weight when becoming vegetarian is a large possibility if you replace the meat with healthy food.  Whole food plant based foods are not processed, have less calories, are better for you, and will make it easier to lose weight on a vegetarian diet.  
  5. Being vegetarian is all or nothing: Being vegetarian is a personal choice that people make for a variety of reasons, but just because you want to reduce your intake of meat and reap its benefits doesn’t mean you completely have to cut it out. Even just reducing meat intake can improve overall health by alot. There are people who only eat meat on weekends and people who have never touched meat in their life, but both people are making a difference. It’s nice to remember it doesn’t have to be all or nothing, and the world won’t end if you mess up a few times.

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