The inner cities of the United States are filled with violence, gangs, drugs, and lack of education. These inner cities are predominantly made up of African American people and other minorities. Many of these inner cities are filled with poverty which leads to a lack of education, increased violence, and increase seperation of classes.

The American communities are separated by race throughout the country. This has been the work of many years of racial prejudices that we have had throughout the history of the United States. In the novel of The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America, Richard Rothstein, examines the policies and laws put in place by the American Government that has caused racial segregation within the neighborhoods in America. Rothstein’s main argument within his book is that the racial segregation has been a result of a long history of racial prejudices held by government officials for many centuries.  

According to the article America’s Cities: An ‘Urban Crisis’ Ignored the cities that have been segregated are primarily within the inner cities and have been ravaged by violence, drugs, lack of education, and primarily poverty. Many of these cities that contain these violent inner cities tell a tale of two cities. These cities include New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Jose. These cities can be the best cities for the wealthy and one of the worst for the people that have been placed with the poverty it is some of the worst of times. The inner cities rank among some of the most dangerous neighborhoods within the United States. Some of the neighborhoods that rank among the most dangerous  include Memphis, TN, Kansa City, MO, Chicago, IL, Baltimore, MD, and Indianapolis, IN.

The problem with the inner cities is that many people look at them as a bunch of criminals running around the streets, which is false. Many of the residents are lawful abiding citizens that are just looking for the best for their kids. We as a society need to overcome that prejudice in order to help these people that need our help. With the introduction of better schooling and more after school activities will allow the younger generations to stay off the streets, away from the violence, and drugs that live within the streets of these cities. The New York Times  article, The Real Problem With America’s Inner Cities , is quoted saying “ According to recent to recent surveys, between 20 and 25 percent of their permanent residents are middle class; roughly 60 percent are solidly working class or working poor who labor incredibly hard, advocate fundamental American values and aspire to the American dream for their children.” They are all working towards making their lives better.

Once we are able to put aside that we are different and help one each other we are going to be able to improve their conditions of life. We can improve the condition of the country and rid poverty and violence from these neighborhoods slowly but surely.  


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