Immigration helps americans in the long run. There are many social  truths to this but the thing that should convince the population of white america that believes it does nothing but hurt is the economic side to the equation. A report from pew research center states that during the great recession of 2008 and for the next two years there was a net loss of illegal immigration in this country. This should be the “mexicans steal our jobs” rhetoric, increased the number of jobs open to americans born in america. Instead while the top 1% didnt feel a thing from the recession the rest of america was struggling to get by. The tax system had caused a massive bubble and housing had become unaffordable for the mass majority of people.

Immigration may have a small negative impact in the short term but its long term effects benefit more people and bring more money into the economy than any other source. This is how america was built. On the backs of immigrants who came to this country poor and broken and became a collective union working for eachother and led us to becoming the leader on the worldwide stage. Immigrants come here and work hard because they know they have to. Especially now that we have stripped away the social safety net that once could have been used to provide for these people there is nothing to turn to besides hard work. This hard work translates through generations and sticks with a people. No one comes to america trying to become part of our poor population because frankly we don’t treat our poor very well. They come here to better themselves and the lives of their families.

In 2017 July there was a record high of illegal immigration. The economy is however on an upswing and continues to be so. The unemployment rate is down to around 3% which is so low for a country this big that many economist consider the country to have full employment. The economy has been on such a rise that employment rates have risen for more than 80 months in a row which is one of the longest steaks in history in the United States.

The numbers just don’t correlate to the narrative that all of our problems are because immigrants are coming into the country. The narrative is driven by white nationalists who see the immigrants and the decline of their own mid level jobs as correlated, rather than their bosses seeing a bigger profit margin in other countries. It’s simple business but that is too easy for them. They need to blame someone rather than capitalism which has been what they have believed in their whole lives. The scapegoating is sad to see and is not what this country is based on. When we as a people see something we want changed we change it. If you don’t like your current situation you change it just like these immigrants are trying to do. You don’t call them names and point fingers. We are a people of doing and action and if the people who are here would act rather than point there would be a limited issue not a vast narrative that people believe.


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