Religion seems to be the main topic of discussion now a days in the news. People seem to get the wrong message about some religious groups. While some religious groups seem to want to have more control over other religious groups which these days and even in the past, leads to very deadly killings. The desire for control over another religious group is sad to hear because nobody should have control over another group just because they feel that their beliefs are better.

    On November 18, 2014, “Two Palestinians from East Jerusalem burst into a West Jerusalem synagogue on Tuesday morning, killing four Israelis and wounding eight others with knives and axes in an attack that is being viewed by both sides as a potential turning point in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Palestinians accuse Israel of ratcheting up tensions around Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, or Noble Sanctuary, an area sacred to both Jews and Muslims, and say the building of Israeli homes in the West Bank and East Jerusalem has provoked Palestinian ire.” When hearing stuff like this, it makes one wonder why there’s always conflict with the Palestinians and Israelites. I’ve heard so many past news about what seems to be, a never ending conflict. Why can’t they come together and talk about whatever conflict that they have? Instead of killing each other for no reason.

    According to, “You may object that moral considerations should limit our opposition to nonbelief. Don’t people have a human right to follow their conscience and worship as they think they should? Here we reach a crux for those who adhere to a revealed religion. They can either accept ordinary human standards of morality as a limit on how they interpret divine teachings, or they can insist on total fidelity to what they see as God’s revelation, even when it contradicts ordinary human standards.” Worshiping your own religion is not the problem, it’s when you try and force it on other people who may not believe in your religion. It also makes that religion that that person or group that is worship, look bad. If only people could worship their religions and respect or people who may have a different religion and move on.




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