I am from flowers, from MiracleGro and gardens.

I am from the yellow and bricked house with the blazing orange fireplace.

I am from the Colorado Blue Spruce, the Norway Evergreen whose height I aspire to attain.

I am from heart-reading and blunt, from Sarah and Grace.

I am from the hardworking and amiable.

From the innocent child and the mischievous one.

I am from the truth, believing in only facts and respecting ancestors.

I’m from the Kremlin and Edo, from Solyanka to pot stews,

From my Grandmother’s childhood through her grey eyes, to the disease that mother almost lost her life

From the stormy bourgeois past to the humble present,

I am from that past in the present, a new budding branch to the current tree.


CC BY-SA 4.0 Where I’m From by Joseph is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  1. Brandon 11 months ago

    Wow Joseph this is such a beautiful poem. Your last sentence is so detailed

  2. Valerie 11 months ago

    This is such a beautiful poem. I love the analogy of the height you aspire to as well as the final line about the branch. That was so beautiful! very creative. very well done! -V

  3. Tess 11 months ago

    Joseph, I love your poem. It depicts such a clear and vivid image of where you are from. I think it was a very personal poem and I loved how raw and authentic it was. I also really liked the language you used in your poem. I would really love to read more about where your from and how your home has shaped who you are and what you love. Overall, this was a great poem!

  4. Sofia 11 months ago

    This poem is beautiful. I like the way you used metaphors and personification to exemplify who you are as a person. I find this very relatable, coming from a place that is also very centered around nature. I would love to hear more about the place you come from and how it has shaped who you are as a person. Great post!

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