Song of Myself


I celebrate myself, my heart and my soul,

The rhythm of love and the dance of my childhood:

the authors of my personal tale.


I give thanks to my parents who raised and forgave me,

Along with true friends who helped strengthen my sense of self & humor,

And the teachers who guided me along the way.


From my blonde brown hair to my nose that never seemed to grow,

My frostbitten toes and battle scars from my clumsy youth,

I bask in the flawed beauty that is me.


I strive for perfection yet accept my attempts;

For all that I can possibly do is my best in the moment,

whether I like it or not.


I praise the lord for my intelligence,

My creativing thinking and my drive,

Along with my desire to learn more and teach others.


I respect the old and I respect the young,

The poor, and the wealthy; My enemies and my allies,

For without challenging my own thoughts, innovation will cease to exist.


I love a challenge,

I adore my own mind and the way that I think,

The way I treat others along with myself,

In a world with so much bad I’m proud to be a part of the good.


The sound of silence can be a beautiful thing-

In the darkness of a long, cold night I keep myself wrapped blanket of hope;

I am strong enough to await the light of sunrise,

Even within the heart of winter.


Inspired by Walt Whitman


CC BY-SA 4.0 Song of Myself by Mattie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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