Something I did for class, but I am really proud of it


The Dragon and The Knight


Wake up, ancient wyrm! Tis I, Don Quixote, the knightiest of knights!

I have travelled far and wide, galloping with trusty Rocinante through many days and nights.   

Vile men and monsters stood no chance against me, so be prepared Firetongue. You shall be slain!

After today you will never breathe fire ever again!


Ugh, who is there? Oh, another measly knight thinking he has chance against me.

Hah! I have wicked fangs, sickle claws, and a smouldering breath,

That have sent countless heroes to their certain deaths.

   I will show you what a futile effort defeating me will be.

You talk mighty talk dragon, but when we clash I will have the end glory.

A perfect ending to this knight’s story

I will be the dragonslayer

My name will be in both bard song and prayer

Hmph! All this small talk is making me snore

So let us do battle for I am bored

You have swagger, arrogance, and a gleaming sword

But you will end up like the others before

They battle

Turns out

Don Quixote

Was Battling

A bearded dragon lizard


CC BY-SA 4.0 A Poem by Kevin is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  1. Zachary 11 months ago

    Nice one, Kev. This poem demonstrates your memeing abilities to the fullest extent, as well as your ability to write poetry. Good stuff.

  2. Treyvon 11 months ago

    Hey kevin, i really admired this poem. This is very unique and it tells a story painting vivid pictures. The character development is great and i like how you structured the poem. This was a very intriguing poem that sparks interest in the reader about Don Quixote. I really liked the line “My name will be in both bard song and prayer” because it is a powerful line that shows the arrogance in Don Quixote’s character. I hope you continue to write because you being able to put your work out for others to see simply because you enjoy it shows that you have amazing potential to become a fantastic writer.

    • Author
      Kevin 11 months ago

      Thanks for reading!

  3. Sam 11 months ago

    Kevin, I really like your poem! It seems very professional. I think it really fits the character and theme of Don Quixote. The ending is very well structured. It reveals the surprise ending in a funny way, again following the characteristics of Don Quixote. I remember learning about his foolishness in Spanish class. Thank you and I look forward to more poems.

    • Author
      Kevin 11 months ago

      Thanks for reading. Expect more poems coming soon. 🙂

  4. Billy 11 months ago

    Kevin, I really enjoyed your poem as a whole and how your formatted the structure of the story. It almost felt as though I was there witnessing this great battle unfold. The lines that say, “You talk mighty talk dragon, but when we clash I will have the end glory. A perfect ending to this knight’s story” were just so perfectly written! I really loved reading this, and will post a link to a site where I think you should publish this amazing poem. Thank you so much for sharing and please continue to produce great works such as this.

    • Author
      Kevin 11 months ago

      Hi Billy!

      Thank you for enjoying the poem. I will look into the poetry website. Again, thank you!

  5. Valerie 11 months ago

    Wow! I really like this. The ending is hilarious, but actually so true, considering how quixotic Don Quixote was. This really captures the essence of Don Quixote and seems like it could have been a scene from the story either right before or right after he meets the damsel in distress of the story. well done! -V

    • Author
      Kevin 11 months ago

      Thank You!

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