Hello my name is Joe Espinello. What could Joe mean? Joe a name that is used in many movies of classic and comedy. One of the many things that Joe means is coffee. You could think that coffee is like a cup of Joe. The drips from the rain gives a colorful texture just like the changing colors of a chameleon. It could have a catchy nickname such as Joey or JoJo. Many cultures defined Joe in many ways. For example, in Hebrew the name for Joe is short for Joseph. What does this name mean to me? Personally, I like my name because this is what my parents gave to me. But the most significant part of my name is that the name tells a lot about myself to others. I´m a dove but am I a Joe. When I was young the name that I had was something that was an easy name to remember so I was well known throughout my childhood. I was called by a really commonly nickname called Fat Joe(Even though I was not fat) but it was funny to many people and that is why I cherished my name. One negative memoria of my name is when people would spell my name wrong and they would spell it Jo. It was confusing and annoying because of how the end of my name the E is silent and not pronounce Jooooooooo. But in the end that is just a little mispronunciation that can be fixed by polittli correcting them. My name is Joe and this is me.   

  1. Josue 2 years ago

    Amazing post about sharing how much your name truly means to you Joe Espinello. I totally agree on the part that you stated that it is easy to remember. Also, I totally feel the same ways as you when people don’t spell your name right! My name is Josue and A LOT of people spell it as Jouse. But hey, we all make mistakes.

  2. Angela 2 years ago

    Dear Joe,

    I really enjoyed reading your piece because it was very entertaining and made me laugh. I never noticed how unique your name was until this and it was really cool to learn the different meanings of your name and what your nicknames used to be.

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