My name is what, my name who? My name is…..


My name is Saul Martinez and it originated from the Hebrew name “Sha’ul” which means “asked for, prayed for”. As told in the Old Testament, I share this name with the first king of Israel and with the name of an apostle Paul, whose original name is Saul. On modern days, I share this name with celebrity that motivates me to do physically better on any kind on sport. Such as one on the best boxer worldwide, Saul “El canelo” Alvarez.


Sharing names with important people motivates every time I see those people out in the field to push myself even further than my limit.


Personally, I haven’t meet a lot of people with that name. Knowing this makes me feel like my name is unique and from there, I can push myself to le the world know the name Saul. Even when I share this name with other celebrities, I can let the people know the name Saul within another field. I can let the world know the future soccer player Saul on the big leagues, the future businessman Saul, the future game designer, or even a movie producer.  


I’m thankful for my parents to think about this name, without this name I wouldn’t know who to look up to other than my family.Family is great and everything but having someone famous to look up to, just makes me to put all in without a doubt.



CC BY-SA 4.0 Saul Martinez Nuno – Name Memoir. by Saul is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. Angeles 5 days ago

    I really like how you connected your name to other people (celebrities) and how you explained that, that makes you a better person. I also like how you referred your name in a very positive way.

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