Stephanie Borrayo Villalvazo, that’s my full name but, most of the time I go by Chata. When I introduce myself to people I say, “My name is Stephanie but you can call me Chata, like everyone else.” Chata means flat, in my case a flat nose. I got this name when I was only a few minutes old. My dad held me for the first time and said, “Mira que chata está esta niña.” So, I kept the name. I grew up as chata, I never complained because I thought it was cool. I was the only Chata in my family, it made me feel unique. Until this day, some of my family and friends forget that my name is Stephanie. When they hear or see Stephanie it takes them a minute to process that Stephanie and Chata are the same person. But, I don’t mind it, because it happens to me sometimes. Chata is a part of who I am. It may even be a better fit than Stephanie. Don’t get me wrong, I love my name and my nose. But I really like Chata too.

As I hear he song Sangoloteadito I find the need to dance because it talks about a girl named called Chata who is always having a good time dancing. I like it because it fits exactly how I am. Chata brings out the fun side of me, where I’m always happy and looking to have a good time. As I continue to go by Chata, I will continue to look at the bright side of things and have a good time. On top of that, I have decided and will continue to decide who I am. As of right now, I am Chata.


CC BY-SA 4.0 Reflecting on the Significance of My Name in 2018 by Stephanie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  1. Nacia 4 days ago

    Dear Stephanie/Chata,
    My name is Nacia and I felt very touched by your post it kind of connects to me and how my nickname came from me being a child and basically shortening my name up. Your story really touched me because I don’t really know a lot of people who allow others/friends call them by a nickname that their family gave them. The part where you said it made me feel unique. I like that part because all nicknames are unique because it is a more closer part to you sometimes more than your actual birth name which I found out when I was little cause in my household I don’t get called Nacia a lot I get called my nickname. Another part I loved about your post how you also mentioned how your nickname doesn’t change your actual name and that you’ve just grown to accept your nickname as a really close part of you. Last but not least this is a great post and I would really love and encourage you to post more because I would love to see what else you have to write.
    Nacia Russell

  2. Esthefany 2 weeks ago

    Hey Chata, I really like your story because it truly reflect on the type of person your are. I a really appreciate the fact that you added both English and Spanish in your piece. I do agree that Chata brings the fun and adventurous side out of you.

  3. Angel 2 weeks ago

    It’s interesting how you don’t mind people calling you by your nickname even if you just met them. It shows how open you are to making new friendships something that it’s not seen a lot in Life.

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