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My name is Luis Alexander Acetun Toc. But on paper it is Luis A. This is because there always seems to be another Luis in the classroom. My name is divided into 3 parts. Luis is what everyone calls me. Acetun is the last name that I got from my dad. Toc is the last name that I got from my mom. Both my last names are pretty unique and hard for people to say when they try for the first time. I would say that it shows my origins. I am from Guatemala and my last name definitely shows it.


Luis is a name that my parents decided to give me. I am thankful for it because I was told that my grandmother wanted to name me Julio. I was extremely lucky that I was not called that because I really dislike it, no offense to anyone with that name. Luis reminds me of my everyday activities, my past and future. Luis reminds me of my 5 AM wake up time to workout. It reminds me of the struggles that I have been through when I was young. It puts a healthy amount of fear in me to not be lazy and see time go by without working on my future.


With my last names is where my story is kind of told. Acetun is from my dad. And Toc is from my mom. My dad was a man that worked hard for his family. I really enjoyed going to work with him because he worked with tourists and visited many places. Those early interactions gave me a perspective on Americans. I thought they would all be giants but as time went by I realized I was wrong. Acetun reminds me of all the few good memories I have of him. My mom is in my earliest memories. I can remember all the fun times I had and all the lessons I learned and still learning.



CC BY-SA 4.0 Reflecting on the Significance of My Name in 2018 by Luis is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. Yadira 5 days ago

    Dear Luis,
    You seem to have a positive relationship with your name. your name doesn’t impact you as much, you seem chill with it. This quote I really liked,”It puts a healthy amount of fear in me to not be lazy and see time go by without working on the future.” It was cool quote. Hope you have future writing post. Thanks

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