Esthefany Frazier

Last Revised: 02/6/2018

English 4- 3rd Period



I am Esthefany Navil Frazier Marte. Emphasis on the Marte. The word ‘Marte’ means Mars in spanish. We are the strongest family in Bandera. The town Bandera is like a slow, very slow. No action. Just still. That is until the Martes get together. My family is loud we fill the town with our conversation like a radio fills the car with music. Our hands wave and swing like crazy because our hand gestures can not be left out when we talk. We are so dramatic that we blow up the story like a balloon. We put in as much detail as we possibly can fit into the story. And to wrap everything up into a nice little bow is our attitudes. We have the attitude of 1000 teenagers.


We got strength in numbers. There are generation and generations and generations before and after me and we all hold the family name with pride.

The pride in the family name is huge. So huge that if someone was to try to hold it up, their hands would crumble. We are full of life, laughter, love.

We are fighters. We have each other’s back. Our family before anything and anyone.

The the name I carry defines who I am and I would not want to change on bit of it. I like to embrace it and show it off. The name makes me stand out. I am loud, dramatic a fighter, I Love , And I laugh. I am who I am because I was raised around those omnipotent people. They taught me to respect and value. So, I can later show the generations after me to respect and value the family name.


CC BY-SA 4.0 Reflecting on My Name by Esthefany is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  1. Stephanie 7 days ago

    Hi Fany,
    I really liked your piece because of how proud you are of where you came from. I can tell you love your family. I also liked that you are able to say who you are and not afraid of saying your loud, loving, etc. I love your piece!

  2. Jessika 7 days ago

    Dear Esthefany,

    Something that stood out to me was how your family are the strongest when you guys are together. My favorite line from your memoir was when you explained how the pride in your family name was huge its good to know you guys have a really strong bond as a family.

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