Marlon Enrique Tum Gonzalez is my full name. My names can be broken down into pieces, for example my first name, Marlon, comes from a philanthropist that lived in my mother’s part of town. This man named Marlon was my mom’s uncle and he was very generous man. He was a very successful man, he tried to help everyone he could in the village. He had large amounts of land owned, he grew corps and he had animals. Even Though he had tons of acres of land he could not find use to many of it, so he went to the village and he gave away parts of his land to the people who most needed it and helped them get started on growing their own crops so they could make money and help out other people. Many people envied this man because of his wealth and how he gave away his land to help people. The people in the village who had a fair amount of money thought that the Marlon was crazy and he was trying to show off how rich he was, leading to the town people to kill him and take his land and his wealth. My parents wanted me to be like this man and so this is where my first name originated, but my second name is the one I feel that is more important to me. I think this because my second name came from my grandfather, my dad’s dad. He name my dad Enrique because he felt a special connection to that name. When my grandpa died, he told my 4 year old that to name his first son Enrique, to keep him alive. My dad eventually forgot about it because he was very small when my grandpa died, but my grandma helped my dad remember and name me Enrique. I feel like even though I don’t really use this name, I have a really strong connection to it and will later on try to use it more and more. I want to honor my grandpa’s wish and try to name my son Enrique too, because I want this to continue and not end with me.


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  1. Anthony 1 year ago

    Dear Marlon I loved your post and how much information you have written about yourself here. I found most compelling was your name in how your grandmother named you to keep your grandfather’s memory alive. I can relate by that because my grandather before he died, use to called me Zanyer and when he died my mom continued to call me that. I feel special by nickname just as you feel special by your name. You should! It has powerful meaning to honor your grandfather. Thank you for sharing!

  2. David 1 year ago

    Dear Marlon,
    I am happy with your post, “Name Memoir” because I got to know you a little more. Now I know why you work hard in school, in soccer and in your life. Your last sentence stood out to me because you show how you want to continue a legacy with a name. Your post reminds me of my last name because I also want to continue a legacy with my last name. I hope you keep on talking about your name and be proud of it. Cheers mate!

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