Lilian Maria Garcia Tista is the name my parents gave me. They named me after their mother’s. “Lilian “ connects me to my grandma because she is my motivation. “Maria” links me to my second grandma’s family and the Virgin Mary. I am proud of my name because I carry my grandma’s spirit with me. It reminds me where I come from and who I want to become.

Lilian Estela is my motivation. My grandma is a very hardworking woman. She would carry a pot of food in her shoulders everyday to go around town and sell them. Money was the only friend she could count on in order to put food in her children’s plate and give them a good education. She would move mountains for her children and family. My grandma is as sweet as pie. Her hugs make me feel loved and the way she would comb my hair was like soft waves from the ocean. Everyone can feel her contagious love, her heart is as warm as a fire. She motivates me to succeed in life and always be humble. That life throws you big obstacles but is the way you overcome them that makes you be successful in life. That if you fall you have get up and don’t give up until you accomplish your goals. She motivates me to be the best person I can be in life. I want to make her proud and show her the woman I am becoming thanks to her unconditionally love.

Maria del Rosario is a kind woman who would prefer to not eat to give someone else her food. I will always have her in my thoughts. The taste of her tamales, soft and moist filled my mouth with flavor. The way she would swing from a hammock, right to left until it stopped and she would do it again. Last but not least, all the advice she gave me to live a good life. To always laugh and be happy, to treat everyone the way you’d want to  be treated, to be kind, respectful, strong, and to unfailingly have faith. Her family is catholic and very religious. I relate with that god knows the best for you and that miracles can happen. I am connected to her family through religion, meals, traditions, laughter, commitment, and beliefs. It so happens that “Maria” is the name of the Virgin Mary in spanish, “Virgen Maria”. My middle name not only links me to my wonderful grandmothers but to the mother of everyone who protects you with her mantle. I hope I can live up to my beliefs and become the person I can be.

I, Lilian Maria G.T,  wear my name with pride as it connects me to the most important human beings in my life. It reminds me where I come from and pushes me to become a better person. I’m glad my parents gave me my name, “Lilian M.” because it reflects who I am. I will always be connected to my grandmothers because of my name so their spirits will be with me throughout my life and until I die. My name will always be surrounded with love, kindness, faith, and humbleness.



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