Posted by Karina on February 13, 2018

He’s Not Us

A last name is typically given to you by your father. It should be a name you’re proud to carry and represent. But how can you be proud to carry a “man’s” last name who left his family? Why couldn’t he take his last name with him when he left? Leaving his kids and grandchildren to carry a name that was never part of our lives. Although i’m proud of my dad and representing him, i’m not proud of representing his dad. I didn’t grow up with him and neither did he. I remember when my aunt wrote, Miriam Aguilar but later changed it back to Efigenio. I looked at her name and wondered, “Why would she want to change her last name? It’s not common and part of her?” This was the first time I took more interest into why my my blood grandpa was never there. But honestly, I didn’t care because instead I grew up with Juan. My dad’s step father. To me he was never my step grandpa, my grandma’s boyfriend or my dad’s step father simply and clearly just my grandfather. He raised my dad to become the man he is today and for that I will forever be grateful.