Eye-ee-duh, Ai-duh, Ay-da

Aida can be pronounced so many ways.

The name Aida was given to me without a meaning.

A lost name.

A name without a history.

A name that was not very common.

A name that was unique in its own way by me.


My parents were given common names (Juana and Margarito)

They were given names that they did not like.

Names that were common.


Eye-ee-duh, Ai-duh, Ay-da


I was the first child of the family.

They wanted a name that I would like.

A name that was different.

A name that was not common.


Eye-ee-duh, Ai-duh, Ay-da

Aida, was what they found…


November 6, 1999, I was born.

The name Aida was given to me.

A lost name.

A name without a history.

A name that was not common.

A name that was unique in its own way by me.


Eye-ee-duh, Ai-duh, Ay-da

I gave the name life.

A life that would experience a rollercoaster.

A name with the meaning of a present, success, mysterious


When I think of my name, I think of being mysterious.

A mysterious girl who was born on November.

A girl who people don’t really know.


Aida is a rare name.

I bring the name success.

I bring the name joy, love, and kindness.

A name that people think good of.


Eye-ee-duh, Ai-duh, Ay-da


I would never change my name.

Aida is a perfect name for me.

A name that is mysterious.

A name that I give meaning to.

A name that does not need a nickname.


Aida is my name.


CC BY-SA 4.0 “Eye-ee-duh, Ai-duh, Ay-da” by Aida is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  1. Eva 2 years ago

    You are absolutely right. You ARE different; you are NOT common; you ARE completely you – no nickname required. And, that is SO piece. This piece is incredibly. You should be SO proud of your work!

  2. Jennifer 2 years ago

    I love your name memoir! How you express yourself and represented it. I also love how you made it like a poem and repeated somethings over again. Good Job!

  3. Angeles 2 years ago

    Dear Aida,
    I really like how you put your own meaning to your name even if it was given without a meaning. I like how you are not ashamed of your name and you actually really like it which is a very positive thing. Your name memoir gave me a very positive vibe which I loved.

  4. Cristina 2 years ago

    Dear Aida,
    I love the way that you wrote your memoir kind of like a poem or even a song with the chorus being “a lost name…”
    My favorite part of your memoir was when you said you would never change your name because you give meaning to your name without anybody writing your story for you. It’s YOU giving your name a story and bringing happiness and joy to it. I really enjoyed reading your memoir and hope to read more soon. :))

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