My name is David Luna, and that is how I introduce myself to the rest of the world. However, David Luna are not two names that are tied together and make me a whole individual, they are two different identities that battle and balance each other.

When I am David, I am not the best person possible. I made this identity for myself, but I love it. When I am David, I do not have a single worry in the world. When I am doing homework, David taps me on my shoulder and points me toward the direction of the T.V. When I go out, David grabs on to me tight and refuses to let me leave the house without him. This personality tends to be more liked by my partners, peers and people my age, and tends to be less liked by parents and professionals. Although this personality may set me back, I’m smiling the whole time that it does.

Luna is the other side of me that makes me be a better person. Luna is my family name,  and it is full of hardworking people who have gone to college, prestigious high schools and have well paying careers. I do not want to disappoint so I follow the footsteps of the Lunas. This personality I did not make, it was given to me. Luna constalthy motivates me while I am at school, doing homework, or studying for an upcoming exam by handing me a pencil whenever I am laying down doing nothing. Everytime I meet with a professional, or have an interview, Luna is there to guide me to success. Luna understands that he is not very fun, or interesting, but I thank him for everything he has done for me.

After constant battles for many years, David and Luna have become closer and have gotten better with living with each other. Luna lets David go hang out with friends only if he promises to be back soon and do his work. David lets Luna study an extra hour if he promises to relax afterward. In the future I know that I need both David and Luna by my side to be successful. No personality is better than the other one, and I have to learn how to balance both so there is no more battle.  


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  1. Eva 2 years ago

    It is a sign of strength and maturity to move more toward “balance”, than “battle”. Both sides are important pieces of you, but they must work together to help you BOTH be successful AND enjoy this beautiful life! 🙂 How excited! I’m proud of you!

  2. Daniel 2 years ago

    Dear, David,
    Don’t you play soccer. I seen you play for the school you raw. Your post is strong and really stand out and have a strong meaning for each of your names. Your hook got me into reading more and more really got into knowing what your two names identify as. I agree with you on the David part when you said, “Taps on the shoulder and lead you to watch T.V” well I don’t watch tv but I do be playing Fornite with the bros and take straight W but, again I have to do my Homework so I could get good grades.
    Sincerely, Daniel

  3. Marlon 2 years ago

    Dear David,
    One sentence you wrote that stands out to me is ” David Luna are not two names that are tied together and make me a whole individual, they are two different identities that battle and balance each other.” I think this is because it helps me understand the two identities you have regarding your name. I feel like people don’t really know what this is and they believe that their whole name identifies them by who they are and not one name as an individual.

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