Author: Angie

Angie C. Cedillo in 2018

My full name is Angie Cassandra Cedillo the Significance to my first name was given to me by my aunt and mother. My mother’s story behind naming me is giving me her nickname as Angie. She gave me this nickname because she was called Angie growing up. She didn’t want to name me Angelica because she wanted me to have a different name. The Significance to my middle name from my father who named me. My father named me after an actress name in the movie Wayne’s World one of his favorite movies. He found the name Cassandra as a pretty and unique, he wanted it to be my first name originally but my mother disagreed.

Growing up I sometimes didn’t like my first name thinking it wasn’t as unique and wasn’t different because it was a nickname. Having the common question pop up throughout my life “What is your full name?”, “Is Angie short for anything?” “Is Angie really your name?”. I became frustrated with these constant questions of being asked about my name. As a kid I didn’t think about much of the questions, just thought they were annoying. But now that I reflect on the questions in my past I now find out that my name is different. Because it isn’t short for anything and is just Angie. My mother was not alone in this name process, one of my aunt’s was there with my mother when I had to be transferred to another hospital after birth. I was a premature baby by 2 months and spent the first moments of my life in the hospital for 3-4 weeks. I grew into my name and I now know that there are very few people with the name Angie and if there is, it is usually a nickname and short for a longer name like Angelica or Angelique.

I found my middle name more appealing because Cassandra isn’t a common name and has a nice pronunciation to it in Spanish. I had no idea that my father named me Cassandra until I interviewed my mother and she told me that my father was the one who gave me my middle name. Originally my father wanted Cassandra to be my first name, but my mother was the one who gave birth to me and chooses what my name will be. Well at least that is how she felt, but until I was older I was explained to that I had a middle name. And I was so ecstatic that I had a middle name that not only reflected my Spanish background. But also realizing it is a unique and pretty name to have because there are also not many people with the name Cassandra.

I feel entitled to my name since I was named by both parents and I have a story to my first and last name that is special to me because it is my story that I own and get to tell. This is my life and I’ve been Angie Cassandra Cedillo for 17 years of my life. I’ve learned to accept the meaning and stores behind my name, something I can carry with me for the rest of my life.