Author: Esme

Reflecting on the Significance of My Name in 2018

My full name is Esmeralda Sarai Ortiz-Munoz. I never really thought about my name, it’s just something that represents me. This is who I am and I love my name because that’s the name my parents choose for me. It’s a beautiful name that reminds me of the beauty of Mexico. Because Esmeralda for me, sounds like flourish, the flowers growing and spreading their beautiful pedals. Esmeralda reminds me of nature and I love nature and earths beauty.

My name takes me back to memories from Mexico, walking in the streets, feeling the breeze in your face. Because Esmeralda is a mexican name.

I asked my mom why she named me this name out of curiosity and when she responded, I didn’t expect her to say that she got it from a novel. There was this actress that her name was Esmeralda Sarai and since then, it stuck with her. I guess my mom was a novel addict. It’s not the typical story where people get their names because of their grandparents or other family members. That’s what makes it unique and I love it.

Also, I know that my name Esmeralda, are beautiful gems. I never really looked into it because i’m not interested. But whenever I introduced myself to people as Esmeralda, they often tell me about the beautiful gems that my name represents. I’ve ever look into the meaning of my name and I don’t know if that’s important to do so.

It’s weird how depending where i’m at , I expect people to call me a certain name. Like, for example, whenever i’m at school, I expect people to call me by Esmeralda not Sarai.

However, when I’m at church, I expect people to call me as Sarai not Esmeralda. I feel connected more to Sarai though. Because my family and my friends from church call me that. Only the people from school call me by my first name.

My name might be considered one of the common names but I do not believe so because I haven’t meet someone with the same name as me. I love my name Esmeralda Sarai Ortiz-Munoz and I wouldn’t consider changing it even if I had the chance.