Posted by Arely on February 12, 2018

Reflecting on the Significance of My Name in 2018

My Name

My Government name that my parents gave me is Arely Ursino A. , the only one besides my dad with an “S” on our last name. I got my name “Arely” of a novela that came out the year I was born, which my dad’s aunty used to watch. My name in a way in unique because i’ve only met like two other girls named like me but both have their name spelled different from mines. Having Arely as my name is a very loving relationship due to the fact that is unique but also negative because people not know how to pronounce or spell it which gets annoying.

Some people know me by Mermaid Leli which is my social media name. I decided to put that name to represent me because ever since I was a little girl I loved Mermaids. I used to love watching the novela “Ami la niña de la mochila azul” because a singer name Tatiana came out as a mermaid. As a little girl she was my favorite singer, so watching her on tv being a mermaid made me have an imagination where I wanted to be a mermaid too. Also the little mermaid Ariel movie was my favorite to watch. Something that kept me to like mermaids as I grew up are the symbolic mermaid meanings which some of them are, love, mystery, private, emotion, and feminist. These representation of a mermaid also represents me in a way because I am a loving person but also so private about my emotions. The word mystery is a way to explain my life because I seen my life as a mystery where i don’t know what is going to happen next I just go with the flow.