Author: Lis

Name Meaning

My complete, full name is Lisette Aguilar Valencia.

My first name Lisette, was chosen by my father.

During my birth, I was born at just seven months, so since both my mother and I were going to die, my father had the responsibility to choose my name, but for some weird reason he named me after his ex girlfriend. Which is why I don’t like to identify myself as Lisette, I don’t feel close to it.

I feel like I don’t connect to it, due to it being my dad’s ex girlfriends name. That is why I much rather have people call me Lis. I just feel more connected when I am referred to as Lis, rather than Lisette.

I don’t feel like I’m disrespecting my real name since Lis, is the first three letters of my actual name. I just feel much better when I am called Lis. When people do call me by my actual name which is Lisette, I hate it, I don’t feel like that’s me, I just till this day do not feel close to it.

My suppose to be last name is Aguilar, which is my father’s last name.

But when my father was writing down my full name in my birth certificate he messed up once again and put his last name “Aguilar” as my middle name.

Mind you I barely found out two years ago that my suppose to be my last name was actually my middle name when I was going to go get my passport.

Although my last name is my middle name, thanks to my father I feel like I’m really close to that name, when I realized how big my family is. My dads family is huge so I am actually grateful, and do feel close to that name. I feel really close to this name because I´m always surrounded by this name.

I am very proud of have Aguilar as my middle name, although its suppose to be my last name.

My last name Valencia, which comes from my moms side.

I don´t ever refer to my last name as Valencia, just because I don’t relate to it. I´ve only met like one person from my moms side of the family.

Therefore I don’t feel like I can relate to this name, because I have no story to tell about it. At the end of the day the only name I really feel related to is my suppose to be last name that is really my middle Aguilar.