Jimmy is what i’ve been called my whole life, i’ve never had nicknames that would stick around long enough for me to count them. I like my name I’ve met only a handful of people with the same name as me. I like my name because its so distinct, to me it sounds so different than any other name. To me being called outloud or hearing my name out loud I get a feeling of slight alertness or adrenaline. The earliest I can remember this association with my name would be when I was younger. Either my mother or my father would take me to the doctors for a check up or vaccines that I needed. I never truly was afraid of the shots I just hated the anticipation that came along with them. I remember waiting for them to call my name so we could leave because I never truly liked going to the doctors for that reason. So we would wait in the waiting room silently and I would remember hearing “Jimmy Duarte?!” not screaming but loud enough to bounce off the walls of the waiting room. But to me it would feel like an arrow or a spear piercing through the air hitting me directly. Upon hearing I would quickly get up with my mom or dad to the room get done with the appointment. These feelings associated with my name have built up over the years and now are a part of me. Now to a slight sense I still get some feeling of this but now it has gone down because there is nothing truly to worry about. I noticed at that time I would be anticipating nothing it was a false sense of worry. I was never worried about the vaccines that I would get I was anticipating to hear my name and with that there was nothing to be worried about. So I feel indifferent about my name in all honesty. 

  1. Kimberly 2 years ago

    Dear Jimmy,
    I agree when you said that you use to hate going to get your shot or had a appointment because I also used to be scared to get my shots but now I am just like whatever. A part that I liked about your Memoir is “ I feel indifferent about my name in all honesty”. I really like this part because in your Memoir you explained how you like your name. Thanks for writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because your Memoir was really interesting to read.



  2. Melody 2 years ago

    Dear, Jimmy
    My name is Melody and I am a freshman at life academy. I read your memoir it was very good I really liked how you explained that you never had a nickname that stuck around for a long time. I can’t relate to that because i’ve had a nickname since I was a baby and it’s stuck around for a really long time. I also agree with you about the shots because it’s not that im getting the shot it’s the feeling that comes along with it. I had a question what did you mean when you said that it was your name that you anticipated? I Would really like to continue this conversation let me know your answer.

  3. Andrea 2 years ago

    Hey, I enjoyed reading how you have a positive relationship to your name. You used a lot of examples to prove your positive relationship.

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