Kadijah is my name. Kadijah comes from the wife of Prophet Muhammed, her name was spelled Khadeejah, and mine is spelled as Kadijah, she was an independent business women and was caring and loving in an overwhelmingly strong and powerful environment. This story about her name (Khadeejah) sticks out to me because it is very popular and every muslim knows that my name is a big and religious name. But i feel like my name doesn’t connect to who I am and to my personality. Why I feel like that is because I am not a religious person and the name (khadeejah) seems to be a strong name due to Islam and I feel like I don’t meet the standards of being a religious person. My parents named me Kadijah (my dad) but my mom wanted to name me another name but my mom never told me what name she had in mind.

     I started to notice that everyone that has the name Kadijah is spelled differently from my name and that’s why I like it because I like to be different from people and that’s just the way I am. Another thing that i noticed about my name is a lot of people compliment about my name, people say that it’s a beautiful name but I think it’s cool that people like my name and I do appreciate it. And one annoying part about my name is when people spell it wrong they spell it as (Khadijah) and I truly hate it, but then i correct them so that they will know.


        Lastly I feel that my name is just a name that has my religious meaning to it, and I don’t have a relationship to or to anybody that i know. Honestly, I don’t feel like I have too much to say about my name because its normal and I had gotten used to it because people just call me by Kadijah and I never thought much to it.


CC BY-SA 4.0 My Name is Kadijah by Kadijah is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. Nathan 12 months ago

    Hey there Kadijah this is Nathan I say keep your name and don’t change it. In less you really want to but just because your name is after someone famous does not mean change it because you don’t have the same personality. You want to be you not someone else your not post to be. By the way your name is kind of hard to spell so don’t get mad at someone because of the spelling in less someone you know very well can’t spell it.

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