Cerrano generation to generation

Cerrano is the name my family passed down from generation to generation is a name that I am proud to have and write it with pride when I write it on my work or important document a name that will follow me all throughout my life and will be affected by the actions I take and will be the legacy that I am remembered with my actions will be remembered by my name.

Cerrano is the legacy that I will continue the legacy i will leave behind and keep my bloodline on going .

Cerrano that last name to me comes from a family that do what they think is morally right most of the time letting emotions get the best influencing our decisions not wanting to quit when they are passionate about something pushing on until you feel like you can’t no more having extreme determination.

Cerrano comes from a family that keeps their word and honor deals that are made the best way possible and to go through with any deals made to our best extent a family in uniform that did what they thought was best for their country knowing the risk but still taking it believing that it was for the greater good in their hearts.

Cerrano is the name I was given like my ancestors before me and will be passed down generation to generation remembering the deeds that were made under the name Cerrano as an example for their deeds.

I was born with the last name Cerrano and I will die with the name Cerrano as future generations will see my deeds and I will live on in death with the only thing I can pass down being my last name for I will not be forgotten.

Cerrano till the end.

Photo by Daniel Cruz Valle


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  1. Caleigh 2 years ago


    I really enjoyed reading this, and I find it cool that you have so much pride in your last name! I have grown up in a family, where my last name has been a big part in my life, and it has impacted my life in many ways. I think it is cool how you talked about how your family honors their words, and I think it is an interesting thought how your last name will continue to be passed down throughout the years. I found this article about what it means to have a name, and I think you would interest you.


    Thanks for sharing,

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