Nina… Nina… Nina

Three little letters

They make up my two syllable name

No one else has this name in the family

Nina is unique

Just Nina; no nickname

Nina… short and simple

The opposite of who I am

Nina… A new yellow flower; a baby Daisy

A version of my mother

A child of Love, and what i was born to do

Corbett…. the name to represent  my father´s  family

Nina Love Corbett; The first born child

A little bit of mom; a sprinkle of Dad

But who is Nina really?

I am a daughter, a sister, a friend, a student

I am Cambodian, I am African American, I am mixed

I care about the people around me

I am a responsible and hard working girl

But most importantly I am a person who can make her own life decisions

I want to help people, and give back to my community

To show that I can make it out, anywhere in life

To be there for my family and thank them for what they have done

The name Nina makes me unique

The background to why I am Nina, makes perfect sense

My name proves that love is real

That I have diversity running through my veins

I hold the better parts of my parents within me

Nina is real, it is special even

I love my name

No matter the tongue it’s spoken in

My name will remain Nina

I will forever keep this as a part of me

No nickname, or any other name would do justice

There would be no other name to fit my personality

I am Nina Love Corbett

And Nina is the real me



  1. Jose 3 years ago

    Dear Nina,

    Your poem was amazing and really good. I can see that your proud of your name and happy with it. Something that stood out to me was ” I love my name” that shows that your happy with it. Thank you for creating something really good.

  2. Alberto 3 years ago

    Dear Nina
    I am amazed by your memoir ニーナ Nina ប្រាំបួន because you shared some personal information. I am glad you did this memoir because now I was able to learn more about you so I can get to know you a little better. One sentence yo wrote tat stands out for me is, “My name proves that love is real That I have diversity running through my veins”. I think this is a great and powerful line in your memoir because I didn’t know that you were Cambodian and African American. But it also shows that race can’t and shouldn’t stop love or people from being with who they love. Your memoir reminds me something that happened to me. One time I couldn’t find out why my parents named me Alberto, I found it as a stupid name and I wanted a “normal” name. But as I got older I asked my parents why did they name me Alberto. It turned out it was because my mom is religious and she named me after one of God’s angels or messengers. But I felt like the name didn’t fit because I am not an angle I do bad things everything I would get in trouble every day at school when I was little but I do every now and then to. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because then I can learn more about you and I can see what we can relate on.

  3. Eva 3 years ago

    Similar to the Gaby’s comment, you speak about yourself and your name with such pride and self-love! Never lose that! You’re an inspiration 🙂

    (You may want to change your first line though… “three little letters” to “four little letters”)

  4. Cristina 3 years ago

    Dear Nina,

    Your poem is filled with love and power. You show the pride that you hold in your name and it makes me happy. I loved when you added, “My name proves that love is real” because it felt real. You wrote this poem with love. Glad that I got the chance to read it and understand your identity/name better. <3

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