No. Not in the doomsday, robots-running-the-world sense. A scenario in which a robot becomes self aware and takes revenge on the human race seems unlikely, at least not in the new future. However, artificial intelligence can take over the world in another way. There have already been great strides in the improvement of AI. The technology is becoming more refined and more useful. It is making its way into houses, and will work as a great assistant for almost all facets of business and science. The future of AI, therefore, should not be feared but rather enjoyed.

Computers are and will continually grow to be more powerful than humans. They are able to instantaneously complete tasks that would take a person ages. They are programmed to do this. While computers are more powerful than humans, they are not as capable. Artificial intelligence machines will be capable of ‘thinking’ only in the way they were programmed to. Computers are not capable of exceeding their limits. This argument is further elaborated in this Forbes article with Hypothesis annotations.

Artificial intelligence already has a solid place in the modern world. AI-powered smart speakers are prevalent in households. Self-driving cars are one of the most exciting technologies on the horizon. And even though the invention has yet to be perfected, there have been drastic improvements in recent years. Of course, all of this is powered by artificial intelligence. The machine learns to recognize certain situations, and responds accordingly.

There is an argument on whether AI-powered robots will take the jobs of humans. The manufacturing industry is already heavily involved in the use of artificial intelligence. A Newsweek article says that “there is a 50 percent chance that AI be able to perform all human tasks better than humans in 45 years, and all human jobs are expected to be automated within the next 120 years, according to a survey of 352 AI researchers who published at either the Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems or the International Conference on Machine Learning in 2015”. Most experts predict that AI will find its place into customer service, more than it has already. Artificial intelligence will aid in shopping and business, learning the customers traits and personalizing an experience to tailor them. Some say that AI could help in medical situations, quickly diagnosing and providing cures for diseases/injuries.

In response to this argument, Wired points out that there would be no need for an automated workforce since “unemployment is below 5 percent, and employers in many states are complaining about labor shortages, not labor surpluses.” Possibly because of this, there hasn’t been much investment in AI/robotics, only $11.3 billion in 2016.

If labor went autonomous, it wouldn’t decrease the number of jobs. It would rather change the types of jobs for workers. Autonomous machines usually replace low income jobs, such as manufacturing. It could be argued that they would create more jobs, due to their necessary maintenance and construction.

Many experts agree that AI will be one of the most important and useful inventions of the future, with the possibility to revolutionize how humans live and research. Some believe that artificial intelligence will be incorporated to work in harmony with human intelligence. Taking it a step further, some researchers predict a physical cooperation between humans and AI, almost a cyborg future. While this is a long way away, experts admit to its possibility.

The possibilities that artificial intelligence can bring greatly outweigh the dangers. It is expected that AI will greatly change our future, presenting a gateway for human discovery.  AI will work to our advantage, not our demise.

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