Drugs are a large issue in the United States of America, and it is being controlled by two completely different sides. One side of congress wants to imprison anyone for abusing drugs, other congressmen agree that the way to solve our war on drugs is to decriminalize it. Decriminalizing all drugs would hurt gangs and cartels a lot which would help bring down crime in our country. Proof and common sense have proven that if we are to decriminalize all drugs we can save more lives while also lowering violence in our country. A large majority of violence and crime in this country revolves around illegal drug markets, if we can shut down the illegal drug markets by making it ok to use these drugs then we have a fight against drug lords. Also by decriminalizing drugs we can help people that overdose since they will not always have to use their drugs in hiding. Heroin patients could use clean needles, and have someone always around that is prepared to help them if they overdose.

Already in New York in other cities around the country people are making impacts of their own, that completely goes against the US government’s belief on drugs. In New York people are creating places known as “safe” bathrooms. These safe bathrooms are places where people can receive clean needles to use their heroin and also people are around to watch the user and give them medical attention, so if they overdose they do not die.

The US Government’s approach to drug addiction is to lock people up; we are in need of a new solution where we actually tackle the problem and get help to the people that need it.



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  1. Ravi 3 years ago


    I enjoyed reading this. There are many sides on what to do about the drugs and the problems they bring. Offering places to get clean such as rehab are very good solutions to the issue. However not all users want to get clean, so what you said about legalizing drugs is a very understandable solution but this would also make it easier for kids to have access to these drugs. Heres an article on why drugs should be legal i think you should take a look http://theweek.com/articles/445005/why-all-drugs-should-legal-yes-even-heroin

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