The world around is constantly undergoing some form of strife or struggle, but why do these happenings go unnoticed in today’s world? What causes a struggle in identifying the wrong in things that people do? How is our advancement in the world harming humanity’s ability to recognize and acknowledge one another and/or events?

Humanity is becoming more desensitized to the world, in part, because of our advancements in technology. The advancements that people have made in technology makes it extremely easy to get lost in a digital world, which inadvertently separates us from the real world. An article talks about the effects that technology has on humanities ability to focus, which is very prominent in today’s world. Mobile devices often “take control” of people’s lives with constant messages, notifications, and/or ringing that it creates a reflex in people to check their phone when they hear similar ringtones to their own. I can take specific examples for how this affects my own daily life. Often times I will find myself trying to accomplish a certain task, whether it is homework, chores, or even just trying to sleep, and I will be interrupted by constant buzzing of notifications from my phone that does not necessarily need to be answered at the time. This makes it difficult for people to be able to identify those around us or pay attention to our surroundings.

Distractions are a variable factor in life that are often hard to control and leads to a person losing focus at a task at hand. If we are being constantly bothered by notifications, then it is hard to continue to become accustomed to a single task for long periods of time. Another article talks about how technology today “has hindered our ability to concentrate”. The article addresses the effects that distractions can have on a person’s ability to focus on tasks as well as the relationships they form in the world. If we are constantly encountering sounds, vibrations, and/or flashes from the environment around us we are likely to have a decrease in maintaining productivity, creativity, efficiency, and stable relationships. The world is growing exponentially through technology and it creates many opportunities for people to find themselves lost in distractions. These distractions hinder the youth in being able to grow up understanding the importance of direct communication and human contact. These distractions are possible factors as to what is contributing to the separation of ourselves as a people to the natural world around us.

Another article shows how technology is harming our ability to communicate face to face, as well as making it difficult to interact and even fail to acknowledge our surroundings. The problem is not that we are advancing in technology, but that we are not using technology in moderation. Technology is an incredible advancement to humanity but it’s unintended consequence was separating people from the natural world.  

Something that is prominent in our world, but very undersold in conversations is violence. Violence is constantly being encountered by youth today and it seems to be normal in everyday life. Being brought up in such a violent world may deaden our feelings towards others, as well as our apathetic attitude towards those who experience violence first hand. A factor of this is video games and television shows that incorporate violence. It is hard to find a good video game that does not include the harming of enemies, or having to defeat someone with force to accomplish a goal set for the character in the game, and the same goes for television. A TV show that does not have any form of conflict can be extremely dull. There is constant development of violent games/TV shows that does not shape our generations minds to being more violent, but it rather desensitizes people towards violence. It makes it hard for us to see how truly awful violence can be when there is so much of it incorporated into our daily lives.

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  1. Angelica 2 years ago

    Hello Treyvon, I thought your topic was interesting. I believe the creators who are advancing our technology are only seeing the good it will do, but they are unaware of the consequences that it brings upon our society. Technology such as social media has done us all a lot of good, it has made communication easier (in a sense) and has given us information that has expanded our world. Although this can become an issue since so much information on billions of people can be invasive, and that is the downside of getting to meet new people on the internet. From this link,, technology “limits one’s power and control to be their autonomous selves. Someone can be observed at all times, but he/she may never know when, where, or even why.” When you said, “Distractions are a variable factor in life that are often hard to control and leads to a person losing focus at a task at hand.” Trying to maintain a face that may not be real can be distracting. Maybe we think it’s safer to speak behind screens because we’ve learned that it’s more comfortable that way, so how do you think society can correct itself? I am interested to see what more you do with this topic. Bye.

  2. Olivia 2 years ago

    I really enjoyed your post and agree with everything you said. I found it interesting that you said we are becoming desensitised to the world around us at the beginning. I think that when we are accustomed to seeing certain things everyday, that we may not see if we did not have technology, we become used to it and do not necessarily realize it may be harmful. I also found it interesting when you talked about growing up with technology and how it is less common for someone to have a face to face interaction with someone else because we are all so used to communicating through our phones. You may find this article interesting for future research: .

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