President Donald Trump made it very clear where he stood on immigration in his announcement speech that he would be running for the presidency. He said “They’re not our friends, believe me, they aren’t sending their best people. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some I assume are good people.” He started his political career riding a wave of anger within white america over the fact that the lowest of them are no longer better than those with darker skin than them just because they are white. Trump understood his base and how to ignite and unify them. He became the candidate for the oppressed white male.

There is a feeling in America among some that immigrants are the issue and that we need to stop immigration from other countries. They believe these people are illegals and need to go because they don’t produce for our country. This is not true because these people are earning money and immediately turning around to spend the money to meet their basic needs. This provides sales tax in 45 states of the union. This is a large sum of money that immigrants are providing directly back into the economy. They are helping local businesses when they do this. At the national level illegal immigrants are unable to apply or receive welfare.

Chain migration has been a topic of conversation recently due to its effects and makes Trump ask “why?” The reason that we as a country allow families to remain intact and come to this country as one is because one of the foundations of this country is the family union and how we respect the families.  We respect families and want to keep them intact in the family units. We need them to function well because without them we have fragmented people. The republican party is very quick to judge gays and the untraditional family even though they often times have just as much if not more success at raising kids and call these families an attack on families. However they want to pass policy to restrain and fragment traditional families from being able to stick together just because they were not born in america. These families are trying to make better lives for their kids and they are being attacked.

The american dream is not for those exclusively born in America because if it was our founders would not have been able to break us off from the crown. Our roots are in hard working immigrants who want to be here. Their desire and understanding that if you work you can achieve is what continues to drive this country forward and will continue to do so into the 21st and 22nd centuries. These people love america and want to help those here. We have had more homeborn terrorist attacks in this country than those from other countries. A Lot more. The one we remember is the one on 9/11 because it was so big. However the people we allow to terrorize our schools, movies, concerts, and really all public places do more harm and bring less to the country then the do any possible negatives of having immigrants in this country. Immigrants move us forward and bring new ideas, make us well rounded, and show us new cultures that are valuable in this experiment of america. We need immigration policy that will be comprehensive and at the same time simplistic and easy to understand. I believe we as an american people that we can change things is present, we can and will.


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