The articles I read were mostly on what little things people can do to help the environment as well as also how cutting out meat and dairy can make a huge difference in helping to do so. I read about little personal changes people can make and articles about why it is important to do so. I think it is very interesting to find out how much of a difference even one person can make because people often think they cant.  

There are so many small changes people can make that will make a huge effect. From knowing how to use your water most effectively to unplugging electronics at night. There are so many ways to make a reduction on your personal CO2 emmisions. The article that I did my annotations on: https://www.realsimple.com/home-organizing/green-living/planet-friendly-tips#in-home-office discusses 25 small and easy ways to help save the planet.

Apart from these changes people can make a huge way to reduce your carbon footprint is by limiting meat intake. The livestock industry contributes to 1/5 global warming alone. That is more than the entire transportation industry combined! I did research on how much of a difference cutting meat out can make and I saw that that holds true even by just reducing meat consumption to just two days a week. A weekday vegetarian cuts meat consumption by about 70%. There is a link to a great ted talk about this in the link below.  Although being a full time vegetarian is preferable many people don’t feel able to do that and this is a solution to help the earth and not cut out all of the meat while still making a difference.

30% of the earths land today is dedicated to the production of meat egg and dairy products. The actual animals on the land drink huge amounts of water and feed (which is usually corn that humans could use to feed the world).

Overall if we all make the choices that work for us we can all help solve the problem of global warming and do some good for the planet.


Becoming a weekday vegetarian




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