I am planning on writing an argumentative essay about whether or not bystanders have a responsibility to intervene when witnessing bullying of some sort, whether it is verbally or physically. After researching this topic a little bit, I came across an article by The New York Times – https://via.hypothes.is/https://www.nytimes.com/roomfordebate/2013/04/21/the-bystanders-who-could-be-heroes/bystanders-have-a-responsibility-to-do-what-they-can – in which the author took a very strong approach to this subject. The author stated that it is our duty to step in and help another because we are a part of a larger community, the author also says that our freedom in society depends on the act of bystanders stepping in when there seems to be an issue. This line stood out to me because I have always viewed the bystander subject as an issue having to do with morality and goodness within each person, not so much with freedom of society.

However, I also found this point of view, that freedom in society depends on the actions we as individuals take, to be very striking. This is clearly making a big statement, so I am curious to see if it is a statement commonly shared among others.




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  1. Chidiogo 1 year ago

    Hi Mason, I really like the topic that you have decided to write about. It sounds very interesting. This question has come up a lot when it comes to fights and bullying. Also in everyday living. I liked the article that you included. I’m looking forward to hear more about this topic.

  2. Tanner 1 year ago

    Hi Mason,
    I first heard about the bystander effect two years ago in AP Psychology. And later that year we did an experiment about it. Our experiment was about someone who seems to be passed out on the ground. During the experiment, many people just stopped and stared at the body. Only a few actually kneeled down and touch the body. This is an interesting phenomenon. I found this article from The Cut. It talks about a study involving five-year-olds and bystander effect. It is pretty interesting to read. I am very intrigued to read more about bystander effect.
    Source: https://www.thecut.com/2015/04/bystander-effect-in-5-year-olds.html

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