Posted by Anthony on February 6, 2018

Artificial Intelligence

Hello fellas,

I’m certain about what I want to write my research paper on, but I’m very open for more information and feedback. What I want to write about is artificial intelligence and where we are ending up as a human species. A lot of people fear what could happen if we keep progressing forward with technology. I also want to write about what we have to lose if we keep progressing forward like what happens to education and jobs from technology. I’m going to argue that we are contributing to an end to a society by creating an extinction for humans because we believe we need to create artificial intelligence. An article I found most compelling was how the article addressed the pros and cons of creating artificial intelligence and mostly how we are left with a balance. Do we create artificial intelligence or do we just keep moving as we have been in the past with solving problems? I need help finding direct sources to each of the topics I want to address (education, jobs, extinction) then, I will be able to create an argument and commit. Wish me luck!

w/much love Anthony xoxo

benefits and risks of artificial intelligence