In my research, I found more and more compelling arguments as to how it is possible to be good without god. Louise M. Antony, writing for the NYTimes, points out that morality and god do not necessarily go hand in hand. She explains that if there was no god, torture and human suffering wouldn’t mean anything to us. I then went to a Catholic website to find ‘rebuttals’ to the arguments that I had read in the New York Times. I was not convinced by their arguments. One of their main points was that atheists don’t base their moral code on anything, and people saying “ ‘I’m a good person because I’m living my personal moral code’ is dangerously close to saying, ‘I’m living the way I want to live.’ “ They make the argument that people in the South during the 1800’s were able to say they are living their own personal moral code, holding slaves, and consider themselves to be moral. What the article failed to discuss were the people who held slaves and used their faith to justify the morality. We as humans are always able to find convenient excuses for our actions.

Link to annotations of NYTimes article:

Antony, Louise M. “Good Minus God.” The New York Times, The New York Times, 18 Dec. 2011,

Aglialoro, Todd. “Can You Be Good Without God?” Can You Be Good Without God?, 28 Jan. 2014,



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