I feel nervous about posting my first audio recording on Youth Voices. This is my own reading focusing on tone and inflection in a passage from Dr. Victor Rios’ autobiography called Street Life. My understanding of tone in a literary text is the volume in your voice and how you say the words with emotion. Inflection means marking up the text with highlight, underlining, squiggle, and a slash “ / ”.  The relationship between tone and inflection is they both have something to do with volume.


I am attaching an image of my marked-up text. I highlighted the three paragraphs I’m reading. The marking is showing my tone and inflection. I circled where I emphasize. The slash is when I’m pausing. I underlined when I’m slowing down and I squiggled the speed of my tone.


I hope that you see how my voice sounds according to the text mark-up. I would really appreciate feedback.




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